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Ministry philosophy ought to be born of sound theology, true to the Word of God. However, many colleges and seminaries have become enamored with methodology that “produces results,” and have deemphasized theology. This is a man-centered approach to ministry that does not exalt Christ.

As the people of God, we ought to be both inheritors of and adherents to biblical Christianity. Throughout history, God has always had a remnant of faithful people who have held this biblical faith and have taught it to others. We desire to train a new generation in the old paths.

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Charles Hatcher
Dean of Crown Seminary
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The mission of Crown College is to train men and women to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and to equip them to fulfill His purpose by providing an education in which Christ is preeminent, and where the highest academics are united with ministry application for the sole purpose of glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. This mission continues as our graduates win and train others to follow Christ.