Crown Alumni Family

“For now we live, if ye stand fast in the Lord.” I Thessalonians 3:8

EVERY ALUMNUS of Crown College is a member of the Crown family. We continue to encourage and support one another in the work God has given us to do. The college provides helpful resources to strengthen alumni and their families.

With over 4,000 graduates serving the Lord across the world, we are working hard to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of our alumni family. We love to hear from you and, better yet, we would love to see you. You and your family are always welcome to come home!

Crown Alumni Opportunities Network


Crown College counts it an honor to recommend our alumni to churches, schools, and businesses. We trust that our alumni will prayerfully seek the will of God in their employment opportunities, and that they will be used by the Lord to make a difference in their places of service.

In effort to assist both alumni seeking positions and leaders seeking to hire our alumni, a network has been created in the online platform, LinkedIn, to enable employers and potential employees to find one another. 

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Planning to Visit?

We love the opportunity to welcome our graduates back on campus. If you are planning to visit soon, let us know below.

Alumni Children Scholarship 

Children of alumni receive the most beneficial scholarships available to Crown College students. This scholarship is awarded to any student whose parent is a four-year graduate of Crown College.

This scholarship is valued at $8,400 tuition (over eight semesters). 

Alumni News

Tom and Carolyn Odom

Tom – B.B.S in Pastoral Ministry – 1999
Carolyn – A.B.S. in Office Administration, 1998
Pastor of First Baptist Church of Southwest Broward, FL

In the fall of 1995 I walked onto the campus of Crown College to register as a freshman. I can still remember the excitement I felt standing in the registration line outside of the Dolphus Price Building on the original campus. I didn’t know then all the blessings that God had in store for the days ahead. During my years at Crown I met Carolyn, my wife to be, established lifelong friendships, experienced ministry training and received a biblical heritage that has guided my life and ministry over the years. Since my time at Crown, the college has expanded and improved in many ways but the mission remains the same. As I visit the campus for conferences and special meetings I am encouraged to see the same vision and excitement that I experienced there a generation ago.

My oldest son, David, is a sophomore at Crown College this year. Carolyn and I are thankful to God that we can send him to our alma mater knowing that he will receive the same training and heritage that we received years ago. Thank you Pastor Sexton and all the staff at Crown College for taking the high road and calling a new generation to do the same.

Gary and Mary Bohman


Gary – B.B.S. in Youth Ministry, 2004
Mary – A.B.S. in Office Management, 2001: B.B.S. in Secondary Ed., 2003
Pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Helena, AL

Crown College has had an immeasurable impact on our lives. We are so thankful for all that we learned from Pastor Sexton and for his emphasis on following Christ and being biblical in everything that we do. Pastor Sexton has been a friend to our family and a help to our church. He is a man who has a vision for the world, yet cares about each of us and our families personally. He taught us so much, not just about the ministry, but on a deeper and personal level, that all of life is spiritual, that we should remove all secondary causes and see God’s hand in our lives, and that Christ is the source of everything that we need. What we learned at Crown has shaped our lives and ministry in a great way.

We have been at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Helena, AL, for eight years: seven as Assistant Pastor, and now one year as Pastor. We are so excited about how the Lord has blessed our ministry, and that the Lord has given us a church that has a great emphasis on missions and is very active in soul winning. We’ve been able to see many souls saved and baptized, added to our church, and being discipled this year. Also, the Lord allowed our church to start a new church last year, and we are now working toward starting another church this year in the fall.