Mission & Objectives

THE MISSION OF THE CROWN COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE is to train men and women to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and to equip them to fulfill His purpose by providing education in which Christ is preeminent, and where the highest academics are united with ministry application for the sole purpose of glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. This mission continues as our graduates “teach others also”.

INSTITUTIONAL OBJECTIVES: The Crown College of the Bible provides an effective learning environment, support services, staff, and faculty to enable students to:

• Develop an understanding of the Word of God and make the Scriptures the foundation of their lives.

• Recognize the value of our Christian heritage and live as true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

• Learn to think critically and biblically in reading, researching, speaking, and writing.

• Advance the work of Jesus Christ, using the abilities and opportunities God has given them to proclaim the gospel and to train others.


Crown College Students…

  • Know that the call of God on their lives is a call to follow Christ.
  • Understand that the Christian life is a holy life and that the Word of God teaches we should be separated unto the Lord and separated from the world.
  • Be trained in the work of personal soul winning and be engaged in bringing people to Jesus Christ.
  • Possess a strong conviction that the harvest field is the world and that God’s plan is to go into all the world with the gospel.
  • Recognize that it is the responsibility of every Christian to be actively involved in obeying the Great Commission by winning souls to Christ and establishing local New Testament churches.
  • Respect and appreciate men and women of the past who have served the Lord faithfully and have lived holy lives, handing down to us a great Christian heritage.
  • Know that the will of God settles everything in life.
  • Develop a desire to be directed by the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God, and with godly counsel to make Christ-honoring decisions.
  • Understand that no two Christians have the same ability or the same opportunity, but that every Christian must meet Christ at His judgment seat with what he has done with his ability and opportunity.
  • Seek to walk with God each day and live a holy life.
  • Enjoy serving the Lord.
  • Realize that they must be ready at any moment for our Lord’s return.


Crown College Students…

  • Know how to develop friendships and develop a mature and Christ-honoring manner in speaking with people.
  • Learn to behave with wisdom and propriety toward members of the opposite sex.
  • Regard the sacredness of marriage and know how to establish the spiritual foundation that is necessary in a Christian home.
  • Fulfill their responsibilities as citizens and know and appreciate the Christian heritage of the United States of America.
  • Respect the office of those who hold positions of leadership in both the government and the church and learn to pray for those who are in authority.


Crown College Students…

  • Obtain a proficiency in Scripture knowledge and an understanding of how the truths of the Word of God apply to all of life.
  • Understand and articulate the dominant subjects of Bible doctrine and demonstrate an ability to discern truth from error.
  • Employ proper methods of interpretation in Bible study and in Bible teaching.
  • Understand Baptist theology, know the history of Baptist people, and develop a working knowledge of men and women of the past who have identified with biblical Christianity.
  • Write and speak the English language with clarity and competency.
  • Achieve a level of knowledge in general education such as is consistent with higher education learning and have an understanding that all truth rests upon the foundation of the truth of the Word of God.
  • Possess a level of skill necessary to perform duties proficiently in their selected field of study.
  • Gain practical experience in Christian ministry and make the connection between acquiring knowledge and applying it to life situations.
  • Be able to access and use both current and classic resources pertaining to their field of study and necessary for life-long learning.