Life at Crown

Student Life

We work to maintain a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable campus with a warm spiritual atmosphere. Students have opportunities to build lifelong friendships with other young men and women who love the Lord and are training to serve Him. Whether in class, with friends in the Crown Café, or cheering on our teams, a student at Crown College will find himself in a place where Christians are happy in the Lord and enthusiastic about serving Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Life

The first call of God on our lives is the call to be “with Him” (Mark 3:14). Before Christ ever sent His disciples out to preach, He first called them to be with Him. Students are diligently encouraged to develop a devotional life, walking day-by-day with the Lord. The Christian Life Journal and other similar resources are provided to help students become steadfast in their daily Bible reading, prayer, and memorization of Scripture.

Students attend chapel on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, hearing heart-stirring music and Bible messages brought by Pastor Sexton and others, including missionaries, visiting pastors, alumni, faculty, and pastoral staff members.

Dormitory Life

Beautiful, home-style dormitories are provided on campus as part of the room-and-board program. Each dormitory includes a kitchen (including a refrigerator/freezer, sink, cabinet storage, and a microwave oven), living room, laundry facilities, and multiple bathrooms. Each dormitory is supervised by a student Resident Assistant.

Our on-campus dormitories house full-time (12 credit hours or more) single students under age 23. Students living within a 50-mile radius of campus may live at home.

Single students under 23 years of age must live in the dormitories. Married students must secure their own housing. A listing of local off-campus housing is available upon request.

Campus Life

The main campus features state-of-the-art classrooms, educational facilities and labs. In addition, the campus is equipped with a growing library and student-friendly bookstore and cafe. 

Filtered Wi-Fi is available throughout the college campus and dormitories. This allows students to effectively manage their coursework online – accessing the library, downloading resources, submitting assignments, communicating with instructors, and viewing grades.