Housing & Dining

BEAUTIFUL, home-style dormitories are provided on campus as part of the room-and-board program. Each dormitory is supervised by a student Resident Assistant. 

Our on-campus dormitories house full-time (12 credit hours or more) single students under age 23. Students living within a 50-mile radius of campus may live at home. Single students under 23 years of age must live in the dormitories. Married students must secure their own housing. A listing of local off-campus housing is available upon request.

Ladies Dormitories

All ladies dormitories, along with several men’s dormitories, are located on the Temple Baptist Church campus. Dorms are fully carpeted and feature laundry facilities, full kitchens, and large living areas. Ample parking is provided around the dormitories for student vehicles. Beautiful home-style dormitories are provided on campus as part of the room-and-board program. The dormitories are spacious, two-story brick dwellings. This creates a comfortable atmosphere and ample living space for each student.

Men’s Dormitories

The main men’s dorms are located on two hilltops on the North Campus. Dormitories are furnished with full living rooms, kitchens, and laundry facilities. Ample parking is available for student vehicles. Also, the beautifully rustic Lodge includes a gathering place, a recreational area, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a dining room complete with fireplace. The Lodge also includes housing facilities for male students, including bedrooms, baths, laundry facilities, study areas, and a fitness room.

Food Service

The dining services at The Crown College of the Bible are provided by Pioneer College Caterers. Student meals are prepared in an 8,000 square-foot kitchen facility. The goal of the Food Service department is to serve our students and faculty the most nutritious, well-prepared, and tasty meals possible. Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals are included in the dormitory students’ room-and-board plan. Part-time and commuter students, as well as faculty and staff, may purchase food credits directly from the Food Services office or from our online Food Service website.