Travel Opportunities

THE places you travel affect your life forever. Crown students have many opportunities to travel abroad and have their vision enlarged to see that the entire world needs the Gospel. The Crown experience is not complete without venturing to new places and seeing new faces.

Crown United Kingdom

Take advantage of the amazing opportunity to travel for a semester to experience the United Kingdom. Located in the beautiful English countryside, the Crown Hall houses students each semester who are a part of Crown UK. The campus is central to numerous local church gospel ministries taking place throughout the country, and students experience first-hand what it is like to minister in this diverse European culture.

World Mission Trips

During the summer, travel as a New Testament Church Pioneer across America or to land far away. Crown graduates have started over 500 churches worldwide, providing a global network of missionaries who are excited to host students and introduce them to new cultures and customs. Get involved first-hand in reaching others with the gospel who have never heard.

Archaeology Dig in Israel

Join a team of students as they travel to the Holy Land on an unforgettable Archaeology Dig in Israel. Along with touring major cities such as Jerusalem and Shiloh, students are able to visit well known sites including the Sea of Galilee, Golgotha, the empty tomb and the Wailing Wall. 

Creation Science Adventures

Raft through the Grand Canyon and see the evidences of the worldwide flood! Explore the mountains and valleys of the Smokies and witness the wonders of God’s creation! These adventures and more await students through the Crown Creation Science Center and its outdoor expeditions.

Traveling Ministry Teams

See rural towns and big cities all across America by joining a traveling ministry team. Sing and minister in dozens of churches and meet young people who are discovering God’s path for their future. Teams travel to every region of the U.S. and also in Canada.

College Choir in New York City

Join the 150-voice Crown College Choir and travel on the mission to New York City early in the Christmas season. You will be a part of giving the gospel to thousands of people, and also visiting the great sites of NYC, such as Times Square, Staten Island, Freedom Tower, the Empire State Building, and much more.