Student  Scholarships

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Student eligibility for specific scholarships is subject to change and determined by the college. There are maximum caps for financial aid. If you have questions, email the Finance Office at [email protected].


Difference Maker Scholarship

Available to qualified, incoming freshmen enrolling as full-time dormitory students (12 to 18 credit hours) who can display proof of financial need. A GPA of 2.5 or greater must be maintained for continued eligibility. Recipients of this scholarship are not eligible for the Alumni Children Scholarship.

Pastor/Missionary Scholarship

Awarded to qualified, single, dependent children of pastors or missionaries

Christian Worker Scholarship

Awarded to qualified, single, dependent students whose parent is employed in full-time Christian service.

Academic Scholarship

Awarded to full-time students entering their first semester (minimum 12 credit hours) having:

  • Achieved an ACT test score of 25 or higher, and/or
  • Achieved a SAT test score of 1150 or higher, and/or
  • Achieved a CLT test score of 76 or higher, and/or
  • Chosen valedictorian or salutatorian from a graduating class of 5 or more students. (Verification by the student’s high school is required.)
Alumni Scholarship

Awarded to any student whose parent is a graduate of Crown College with a four-year degree or a Master of Divinity degree.

Patriot Scholarship

Awarded to full-time, on-campus students who give evidence of current eligibility to receive Veteran’s Administration educational benefits. Recipients of the Patriot Scholarship may not simultaneously receive the Alumni Children Scholarship.

Bus Ministry Scholarship

Awarded to any student reached with the gospel through the bus ministry.

Work Study Program

Dormitory students desiring to be considered for the Work Study program must complete and submit a Student Employment Application. Work Study determinations are based on the needs of the college and the need of the student.

Complete the Student Employment Application