Tuition and Aid

Basic Cost for Undergraduates



per semester

Tuition $3,800
Room & Board $2,800
Regular Fees $960
Total $7,560

Full-Time Student (12-18 credit hours)



per semester

Tuition $3,800
Regular Fees $635
Total $4,435

Full-Time Student (12-18 credit hours)

$200 discount off tuition available to any on-campus student when full payment is made at registration on entire semesters tuition, fees, and room and board.


 scholarship dollars awarded this year.

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Crown Students Graduate Debt Free


Crown Students Receive Scholarships through the Crown Foundation


College Students Nationwide Graduate with over $30,000 in Tuition Debt

Local Employment

Employment is readily available in the greater Knoxville area. Over 250 businesses employ our students in many different fields. Many local businesses attend our annual job fair every August for students seeking local employment.


Work Study Program

This program supplies financial aid through on-campus student employment for dormitory students. Employment is available in areas such as building maintenance, grounds keeping, food service, office assistance, etc.


Private Aid

To assist students in pursing private financing options, Crown is listed in the Department of Education’s Directory of Postsecondary Institutions (OPE ID #04224000). Options include scholarships, grants, and private student loans.


Private Aid

Eastman Credit Union

For further information, please visit www.ecu.org or call 800.999.2328. (In order to be eligible, a student must qualify for Eastman Credit Union Membership.)

Financial advisors are available to assist you!