International Language Navigators

Miss Pollie Deeringer

Director, International Language Navigators

INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE NAVIGATORS are those who use the tool of language to connect with people around the world. Many Crown students have become International Language Navigators through the language training offered within degree programs at Crown College of the Bible.

These classes are designed to help Christians acquire the tools they need to more effectively reach the lost in America and abroad. Upon completion of coursework for these classes, students receive an internationally-recognized certificate (from IACET) qualifying them in the following specialized language fields:

  • Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages
  • Phonetic Reading Specialist
  • American Sign Language Interpreting

 As an IACET Accredited Provider, International Language Navigators offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard. 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESOL: Worldwide Opportunities to Serve Christ

Crown graduates holding TESOL certificates are currently serving Christ, teaching English on every continent. Many nations closed to traditional missions have a great demand for teachers of American English.

Some who have completed these classes are using their English-teaching skills in their local church to reach the foreign-born in their communities. This teaching experience provides many opportunities to share the gospel. Others are reaching foreign students by teaching English here in the U.S. on university campuses across the country.

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) classes at Crown have equipped students in one of the most effective means available for reaching internationals in the United States, and on the foreign mission field. Qualified and experienced instructors will introduce you to theory and methods enabling you to teach listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar in an interactive way to students whose native language is not English. After completing twelve hours of in-class course work, you will begin a TESOL practicum allowing you to teach, in a supervised environment, small groups of students who are actually learning English as a second language.

Phonetic Reading Specialist

In 2003, President George W. Bush signed a bill into law establishing the Reading First Initiative. This initiative recommended phonics-based reading programs with five essential components: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary Development, Reading Fluency, and Reading Comprehension. A Phonetic Reading Specialist trained in these areas can help combat our nation’s growing 23% adult illiteracy rate as well as the biggest deficiency in 90% of college freshmen—spelling. Crown is training phonetic reading instructors to teach reading and influence others for Christ.


Advantages of Phonetic Reading Specialist Certification

Using historically successful methods, we present reliable phonics in a logical, highly consistent manner that eliminates most “exceptions” to the rules. A certified phonetic reading instructor is qualified to teach spelling, writing, and reading on any level from pre-school to adult. This certification also allows teachers to offer remedial instruction that increases vocabulary, reading comprehension, and reading fluency.

The following courses are required for completion:

Applied English Linguistics

Prepares students to teach reading through systematic spelling using intensive phonics. This course equips students to teach phonics, reading, and spelling to young children, struggling teens, adult illiterates, and internationals. An emphasis is placed on modeling and practicing these multisensory instructional techniques.

Phonetic Reading Practicum 1 & 2

Allows students to function as a supervised tutor who directly instructs an assigned pupil for a minimum of eighteen one-hour sessions. Certification requires completion of two semesters of training, instructing students from various backgrounds.

American Sign Language Interpreting

American Sign Language, the world’s fourth most common language, is the primary language of the Deaf in the U.S. and Canada. Two percent of the Deaf profess to be saved; in addition, only seven percent of the Deaf know the name Jesus. With 250 million deaf people in the world and 16 million deaf in America, why are churches unable to reach them? Sadly, these people are missing from our churches because there are either no interpreters or the interpreters are unable to skillfully convey the message into American Sign Language. The Deaf are continually seeking qualified interpreters to share the love of Christ and help them in everyday social and professional situations.

Interpreting Training Program (ITP)

Though not a separate degree program, Crown does offer ASL interpreter training through a carefully selected grouping of electives available within the BBS Missions program. Students receive a certificate of completion for completing all elective courses included in the Interpreter Training Program. The opportunity to learn American Sign Language and become fully integrated in the Deaf ministry at the Temple Baptist Church is tremendous preparation for those who desire to reach the Deaf worldwide. The following courses are included:

Introduction to Deafness
ASL Interpreting I and II

Both voice-to-sign and sign-to-voice interpreting are stressed. Courses include various interpreting assignments as well as attendance of interpreting workshops and local community events for the Deaf.