Foundation for Christian Life Certificate

The Foundation for Christian Life Certificate is designed to equip students for a lifetime of effective Christian service in any field of education or employment into which God may lead them.

This certificate can be completed in two semesters and includes key Bible and other courses that will give students a solid foundation of biblical knowledge and local church ministry training. Upon completion, students may transfer FCLC credits into any Crown bachelor-level degree program.

Dr. Julian Evans

Program Advisor

BI101 Old Testament Survey 3        
HI130 Geography of the Middle East 2   BI102 New Testament Survey 3
BI206 Principles and Methods of Bible Study 2   BI203 Methods of Bible Teaching 2
BI211 Bible Doctrine I 3   BI212 Bible Doctrine II 3
CM121 Personal Evangelism 2   CM132 Living the Christian Life 2
MI101 Introduction to Missions 2   HI492 Baptist History and Distinctives 3
OR100 Freshman Orientation 1   SC401 Creation Science 3
   Credit Hours: 15      Credit Hours: 16