Creation Science Center

The Bible Has it Right!

We stand on the inerrant Word of God. The Crown College established the Crown Creation Science Center to place emphasis on the veracity of God’s Word and the discovery of the wonders of God’s creation. Through classes, workshops, seminars, and other events, we demonstrate through true science that God indeed made our universe in six literal days, and that the world in which we live bears the marks of His handiwork. Our scientists and students conduct research and engage in hands-on learning to see the evidence of God’s creation first hand.

World-class Labs and Local Treasures

The Crown Creation Science Center houses world-class biological and physical science laboratories, as well as an Innovation Lab and Technology Lab. We also have the benefit of being located amid some of the most treasured land in the United States, just minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau. This provides our students ample opportunities for exploration and discovery in nearby mountains, rivers, caverns, and other ecologically unique areas. Creation Field School trips are scheduled regularly and led by Dr. Matthew Whiteside, Director. 

Paleontology Field School

We recently held our first Crown College Paleontology Field School this past summer! Students had an opportunity to travel to the Northwest and visit fossil sites, the Glacier National Park, go on paleontology and dinosaur digs, kayaking and other outdoor adventures.